Troppo paradiso per aggiungere sillabe

Delight is as the flight -
Or in the Ratio of it,
As the Schools would say -
The Rainbow's way -
A Skein
Flung colored, after Rain,
Would suit as bright,
Except that flight
Were Aliment -

"If it would last"
I asked the East,
When that Bent Stripe
Struck up my childish
Firmament -
And I, for glee,
Took Rainbows, as the common way,
And empty skies
The Eccentricity -

And so with Lives -
And so with Butterflies -
Seen magic - through the fright
That they will cheat the sight -
And Dower latitudes far on -
Some sudden morn -
Our portion - in the fashion -
Done -

[Emily Dickinson - J257]


Ogni tanto

Bari - dal 4 al 19 marzo 2009
Donatella Vox - L.B.A. Leon Battista Alberti | GALLERIA BLUORG

Donatella Vox torna al BLUorG con un nuovo ciclo artistico sulla scia della memoria storica, riportando alla luce aspetti nascosti e suggestioni creative, nel nome del padre dell’architettura.